4 Palaces and Gardens to visit in Germany

4 Palaces and Gardens to visit in Germany for Revival of Life

The South West area of Germany is known for its castles and palaces which reflect the wealth of the rulers of this region. Some of the castles, palaces, monasteries and, gardens are UNESCO World Heritage sights.

Some of the places which you must see while visiting Germany are:


The gardens of this palace are extensive which include an English- style landscape garden and the Turkish gardens with a mosque of ornamental value. Visit the rooms and appreciate the beauty of 18th and 19th-century woodwork. If you are a fan of theatre, the Schwetzingen Festival takes place every year between the end of April and mid-June.


This palace is unique because of the different architectural and decorative style that was fashionable throughout the 18th century. The palace was originally supposed to be a hunting lodge but was later enlarged to include 4 wings around a central courtyard. This place also has a number of museums in addition to the apartment with their original furniture. The Fashion Museum and the Baroque Gallery might interest those who have an inclination towards fashion and historical artworks.


This palace is famous for its ceilings covered with hunting scenes. The Mirror Cabinet completed in the year 1718 is a room with walls covered with red silk. It was created as a walk in display cabinet to house the princess’s collection of precious things.

While visiting the palace gardens, look out for figures of dwarf which are thought to the imitation of the royal household. It was very common in the 18th century for there to be a court dwarf as they were considered figures of fun and curiosity.


Set among the hills of the Schonbuch nature reserve, this monastery is one the best-preserved monasteries in Southern Germany. It was founded in the 12th century by Rudolf, and was developed into one of the wealthiest monasteries in the region.

While taking a guided tour, one should pay a visit to the buildings of the church, main building of the monastery, abbot’s residence, guesthouse and infirmary. Visit the Summer Refectory to appreciate the Gothic style of decoration. The winter refectory was created in the 16th century with underfloor heating. Something which was unique in those days.

Wilhelm II and Queen Charlotte made some changes in their apartment in the Bebenhausen Palace and one can see the queen’s bathroom which although a 100 years old still had the amenities which are being used by people today like a bath and shower, a washstand with two

basins and central heating. The bathroom was used by the Queen until she breathed her last in 1946.

Greece is a place worth visting

Top 6 Places that Make Greece a Place Worth Visiting

No matter what time of the year it is, the beautiful places in Greece can be visited and enjoyed, any time. It holds wide, and classic history, culture and heritage. Especially the ones who are the fan of beaches, you have a lot to explore, from April to September. Along with the beach beauties, Greece has a lot to offer to the party freaks.

Let’s see the list to gain knowledge about the Popular and Pleasant places that makes Greece atop Country worth visiting in entire Europe –

1 – Athens

The city of Athens is one of the most desirable places to visit for many. It is fascinating and mesenteric, specifically, the soft and blazing sunset, fill your heart with calmness. It is this time when the entire atmosphere changes and a whole new and exciting vibration can be experienced.

2 – Creta

Creta being the largest island in Greece, is truly a fantastic destination to ensure addition of charm and enthusiasm in life. It is best for the swimmers and people who love to spend time on beaches. The turquoise water beaches, hiking mountains, amazing wines, olive oil, yoghurt with cream, cheese, grilled octopus, are some essential elements to explore here and include entertainment in your routine. It will be tough to move to any other place once you visit here.

3 – Santorini

This is like an ideal place whenever you have a think about Greece. Santorini is a much appreciated and beautiful island and contains a huge cliff with gorgeous blue and white painted houses. The images and pictures on the postcards and other sources of information are exactly the same as the real place. It is a must visit place!

4 – Mykonos

Especially known for the narrow streets and houses that are painted in white but have blue doors, Mykonos is one of the popular and beautiful destinations to explore in Greece. It is also lovely because it is the best to place for partying and enjoying turquoise water beaches. This island is so magical that you will fall in love with it, in just a look. It offers a perfect holiday for all the visitors.

5 – Meteora

The stunning landscapes of this outstanding place in Greece are enough for making any person fall for this city and desire to stay here forever! The total of 6 monasteries present here are 400 meters high and are associated with the cultural heritage of Greece. Meteora ensures that a traveller witnesses history, nature, cultural mysticism as well as the extraordinary architecture. You’ll be charmed by experiencing the glory of this place.

6 – Milos

The lovely island of Milos, also called the island of colours, is situated between Athens and Crete. It is this place where the statue of Venus was discovered. It holds more than 70 beaches to enjoy. Just as the views, this place offers delicious food too.

Travelling for a Happier Life

Reasons to Indulge Travelling for a Happier Life

Travelling is a type of a physical exercise which can be done by every individual without complaints. After all, it is one of the favorite activities one can do to add recreation and excitement to life!

No matter you take a short or a long walk, or go to some nearby place or even for a long distance journey, every kind of moving out makes a person feel pleasant. You must travel either weekly or monthly because it helps you to freshen up your mind and be happy and cheerful.

You can experience this on your own! If you remain in your home without coming out or interacting with any of your relatives, you will feel depressed and even end up feeling suffocated but as soon as you come out of your room or your house and connect with friends, relatives or other people you feel happy with, your heart and mind becomes somewhat light and peaceful.

Same thing goes to travelling, through this you can make your body and heart feel relaxed and calm. It is quoted by Danny Kay,” to travel is to take a journey into yourself”. If you try to travel with all your heart and interest, it will definitely make you a travel lover.

Most of the people even have dreams to travel around the whole world and to create memories as well as experience the beauty of the amazing destinations.

Those people truly understand the importance and the beautiful effect that travelling has on a person’s life. They are the ones who live their lives to the fullest.


1. It will make you realise that definitely, money can’t buy all the happiness. It’s just the time that you spend with your own self or your loved ones

2. You nourish those beautiful present moments since these memories will definitely bring a smile on your face, every time you recall them

3. Travelling can broaden your horizons of life and happiness. By travelling to different places or even different countries you will be able to learn about new cultures and traditions, languages etc.

4. You will be able to meet different people who might influence your lives. Sometimes, they can even bring unexpected happiness in your lives.

5. It mostly gives you the time to relax. It disconnects you from the worldly affairs especially money and competition. It relaxes your mind and body by which you feel that you have regained your energies

6. It lightens up your mind from the stress and hopelessness.

7. Traveling also gives you the opportunity to face and overcome some of the unexpected situations they may arise since it raises confidence and most importantly you learn from everything you see.

Therefore it is smart to take out some time from your complex life and make it hustle free by travelling!